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A letter from the C.E.O., Omega Pacific Inc.

Omega Pacific was created in 1983, with the singular goal of perfecting the design, engineering and manufacturing of a single product -carabiners.

Today, that goal has not changed and we currently provide the climbing, fire, rescue and industrial markets with leading-edge performance carabiners that incorporate the best in form, function, style, and strength.

Our most significant accomplishment has been the development and implementation of the Omega ISO Cold ForgedŽ manufacturing process. With the incorporation of this process, we are now able to offer cold forged carabiners that are as strong, functional and stylish as any hot forged carabiners and more affordable.

We have also had tremendous success with our new keychain laser-etching program. Utilizing this high-tech process, we can now personalize our "accessory" and "minipear" keychain carabiners with a company logo and phone number, website location, special event or just about anything you can think of to promote a company's name or product.

We encourage your comments and suggestions via E-Mail or our 800 number. More importantly, we sincerely appreciate your support and business.

Bert Atwater, C.E.O.

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8003 W. Sunset Hwy
Spokane, WA 99224
Phone: 509.624.1061 or toll free: 800.360.3990 Fax: 509.624.1069

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