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Climbassador: Alex Rice


On January 5, 2014, our good friend and climbassador, Alex Rice, lost his battle with brain cancer. We mourn over him with his large family and many friends. Although a very young man, Alex was inspirational to all who met him and we will miss him. 


Claim to fame?
One of my proudest moments so far in climbing was red-pointing Motley Crux (14a) before turning 20.

When did you start climbing?
I began climbing in August, 2007.

What sort of climbing do you prefer?
Hard sport, However I would like to push my limits more in bouldering and eventually trad climbing.

What's your favorite climbing moment so far?
Anytime your on the sharp end and get that kick of adrenaline, it allows you to pull moves with ease that were once thought hard, It helps you finish those difficult projects and subsequently puts a smile on your face.

Any climbing epics?
I set out one morning with a 7 pitch sport route in mind. Ran out of water, finished late, heatstroke, no headlamps, trail blazing by moonlight and finally made it home hours after dark.

Can you name a climber that inspires you?
Anyone who is trying their absolute hardest. Patxi Usobaiga, Sasha Digiulian, Tommy Caldwell, Paul Robinson to name a few.

What is your favorite/funniest route name?
The Womb, a V1 boulder problem in Bishop. You start laying down in a hueco 4 inches off the ground. You cant help but fall square on your back, hilarious to watch people attempt.

If you could only climb in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?
I would have to choose a vast new area to grow in, Red River Gorge and Yosemite are both on the list to explore!

What do you like about Omega Pacific?
In my eye's Omega gets it. They make awesome reliable gear you can always trust. They are innovative and have a great mindset. I have never been one to doubt the possibilities and find myself saying their  motto  constantly.

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