This is the finest performing ice screw on the market today. The exclusively designed threads are a result of years of research and development. Field-tested and proven on difficult routes across the country, Omega Pacific ice screws are your first choice in ice protection. The parabolic shaped threads achieve some of the highest pullout strengths possible today. All our screws are CE certified. in fact, even our 11cm screw, is the shortest CE certified screw available! Precision milled 4130 CrMo and heat-treated for extra strength and polished to shining perfection, each screw is nickel plated for long-term durability and to minimize friction. The hangers are stamped from 4130 CrMo steel and are large enough for easy placement even with mittens. And, our hangers accomodate two 'biners; most competitors don't. All screws come fitted with the new "coffee grinder" Knob handle, which makes insertion and retraction a breeze. For best results, install only on Omega-branded screws.
Available in 11cm, 17cm & 22cm.
CE Certified





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Ice Screw 11cm, CE Certified $32.42

Ice Screw 17 cm, CE Certified $32.42
Ice Screw 22 cm, CE Certified $32.42

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