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Omega Pacific, Inc. was conceived in the state of Washington in 1983 with the goal of becoming the predominant and most cost effective carabiner manufacturer in the world by focusing on design, engineering and the manufacture of a single product-carabiners, which are utilized in climbing, fire, rescue and industrial markets.

By concentrating all our efforts on a single product, we have been able to develop our own unique designs which have pioneered new areas in life support products. This development has lead Omega to new manufacturing methodology and innovative engineering. We have custom designed and manufactured all of our own production equipment.

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In the life support carabiner market, we hold a number of Omega first ascents:
  • Spin riveting not press fitting gate rivets
  • Contouring rivet heads to the curvature of the gate
  • Lot stamping of carabiner frames
  • Hooded gates
  • UIAA certification of US manufactured climbing carabiners
  • Cold Forging of carabiners

This singular focus, coupled with years of research and development, reached a new summit in 1997 with the introduction of Omega Pacific's proprietary ISO Cold Forged" manufacturing process. This proprietary process allows Omega to move metals, efficiently in ways other manufactures can only dream about. From this process was born the Omegalite 4.0 climbing carabiner, our totally redesigned symmetrical locking and non-locking "D,"the new 10mm standard oval, the HMS style "Jake" and the revolutionary ISO Cold Forged" steel "Gym-Lite."

Our new manufacturing methodology coupled with our total quality management program has resulted in CE certification for our aluminum climbing carabiners, UL Certification for our steel and aluminum rescue carabiners and ANSI Z-359 compliance for our steel and aluminum industrial carabiners.

In 1997 we launched into a new market when we introduced "Customized Key Chain" carabiners. Our state of the art laser marking machine allows us to "laser etch" company logos and graphics on our "accessory" and "minipear" style key chain carabiners.

Efficiency, quality and dependability has lead other companies to our door.

We currently manufacture private label carabiners for REI, EMS, Blue Water, Climb High, Five Ten, Miller and K2 to mention a few.

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8003 W. Sunset Hwy
Spokane, WA 99224
Phone: 509.624.1061 or toll free: 800.360.3990 Fax: 509.624.1069

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