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What good is a Web Site if nobody ever sees it? Many production houses have one goal in mind, get it done, and get on with the next paying customer. Many firms create beautiful web sites, but beware your satisfaction may be short lived. You will soon discover that you have paid a great deal of money for a beautiful page which sits, waiting, and lonely.

The accepted standard among web developers is to submit your site to 15-20 search engines and directories. We have challenged this notion and so should you. Active marketing to over 850 search engines and directories can make a significant difference to the success of your site.

The Internet contains millions of  pages, and you have to compete with everyone of them. No one will find your site if it is not well represented in the search engines and directories around the Internet. Almost every Internet session begins with a web search, and the majority of all web browsing is done via search engines. Typically a single key word search will generate a response of 10,000 to 1,000,000 web pages, but only 1 through 10 are displayed immediately. Through keyword coding methods used in our pages we ensure your company is in the top 20 of the search terms essential to your business. The only alternative to our service is paying the directory companies for advertising banners on pages that come up on related terms, which usually run in the neighborhood of $10,000 or more per month.

The importance of being well represented on the search engines is obvious. With clients who are considering switching to our services, we rarely find a client who's previous pages show up in the top ten of any keyword search in the related industry or product lines. In fact in the majority of searches they do not turn up in the top 100 web pages. This means that their pages might be somewhere between 100 and 100,000 (or more) pages down the list.

Most companies create a single home page and connect it to the standard search engines. This means that the search engine criteria would be based only on your homepage. We however will create the equivalent of several home pages, each connected to tons of directories, and each catering to an individual product line, or even a single product, thus ensuring maximum exposure.

Marketing to search engines is a development process that takes months for each term, and on a production only contract this type of service would not be possible. Search engines are continuously changing the criteria by which they search for sites. By researching and staying up to date on any changes we ensure our pages come up on top consistently.

Contact us:
[email protected]
Phone: (509) 747-3316
1516 West Riverside
Spokane WA, 99201

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We don't sell web sites.  We sell a service. This service is inclusive, incorporating everything your site will need, now and in the future.

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We design, maintain, host, and market your site, all for one annual fee.

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There are no setup fees, and no monthly hosting fees.

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When we produce your site, we consider the initial design just part of the needed maintenance contract, without excessive setup fees.

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There is a false perception that web sites fail because the web simply does not work for a particular business.

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