We can’t leave well enough alone. Our Ice Screw was already one of the most popular screws on the mountain, but we figured out how to make them place even faster, hold even stronger and resist corrosion even better. We redesigned the lead tooth profile and back-pitch on the threads to make them bite aggressively into even the coldest, most brittle ice. Our new plating process provides incredibly improved corrosion-resistance. These affordable screws deliver more performance than others costing fifty dollars more.

Gripped Magazine writes: "This is a no-nonsense design with surprising performance. On first inspection, there’s nothing about these screws suggesting how well they work. The moment you place one, however, you’ll realize there is serious engineering behind the design. A sophisticated tooth profile easily cuts through the most brittle ice and the well-designed hanger holds two biners."

Ice Screw Replacement Knob Kit

Speed Grinder Knobs Retrofit older Omega screws. Made from Aluminum.

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Part #
Body Material
Hanger Material
grams / ounces
ISCR11 11cm Ice Screw 4130 CrMo 4130 CrMo 111 / 4 11 N/A
ISCR17 17cm Ice Screw 4130 CrMo 4130 CrMo 156 / 6 17
ISCR22 22cm Ice Screw 4130 CrMo 4130 CrMo 167 / 6.1 22

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