Our JC represents the very edge of sophisticated cold forging. See the longitudinal grooves in the corners? That’s U-Channel Construction and despite how it may appear, we didn’t remove metal for weight-savings. Instead, imagine taking round bar stock and cleaving it lengthwise. Spread the split open and you wind up with more surface area on the opposite side. This type of cold forging operation wasn’t even possible before we invented ISO Cold Forging and it provides you with an interior rope radius of over 11mm from 10mm bar stock! That means it’s easier on your ropes than any other carabiner in its weight/size class.

The JC’s asymmetric shape makes it easy to handle and lightning-fast to clip. It’s at home on either end of a quickdraw, on cam slings or in our Alpine Quickdraw.

Part #
Gate Opening
mm / inch
Major-Axis Strength
Gate Open Strength
Minor-Axis Strength
grams / ounces
mm / inch
mm / inch
OPJC1W JC 22 / .866 21kN 7kN 9kN 41 / 1.45 88.9 / 3.50 52.1 / 2.05

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