By incorporating a rigid stem on this device, climbers go from full lock-off to whipping out rope in a single, smooth action—no more binding up as the device tries to free itself. The amount of friction can be completely adjusted to suit your particular need. Does your climber outweigh you? Are you using skinny ropes? Then set up the brake line through the V-Slots! Clipping in short (into the oblong hole in the center of the stem) adds even more braking power.

Climbing with fat ropes, a skinny partner or on low-angle slabs? Then belay off the U-Grooves and clip into the bottom hole of the SBGII for less friction. If you’ve ever rapped on a single 8mm or 9mm rope with other belay devices, you know what a fast and loose ride that can be! With the SBGII, wrap that skinny cord around the rigid stem and rappel, figure-8 style, for the ultimate in control and safety.

Single Rope Configuration
Double Rope Configuration
Least Amount
of Friction
Moderate Amount
of Friction
Maximum Amount
of Friction
Super-Max Amount of
(Rappel Only)

SBGII Belay/Rappel Device
Part # SBGII


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Part #
grams / ounces
SBGII SBGII Belay/Rappel Device Bright 77 / 2.72 Aluminum

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