Name: Michelle Lever
Height: 5’ 3.5”
Weight: 95 lbs
Best Rock Band: Rock?? Best Artist: EMINEM
Favorite pastime: Horseback Riding
Married or single: Engaged to Kyle Garrison
Kids: None for at least 20 more years!
Claim to fame: I own a human golden retriever
Favorite motto: I came into the world with nothing, and I’m leaving in debt!
Most embarrassing moment: I try to avoid these, and once they happen I never bring them up again…
Biggest turn-off: Creepy guys that stare
Favorite climbing area: Rumbling Bald Why?:This is one of the first areas I climbed at and it’s the best rock in NC.
How long have you been climbing?: Since February of 1996
Current job: Assistant manager at Trailhead Climbing & Outdoor Center, LLC (family business) and Student at Clemson University (until May!!)
Nominee for Coolest Song Ever: “Lose Yourself” and “Lose Control” - EMINEM
Number of US States visited: 18
Favorite climbing route or hike: Whiskey for Breakfast (2nd pitch) at Rumbling Bald
Most famous person you’ve ever met: Donald Rumsfeld
Place of birth: Anderson, SC
Best movie ever: Seabiscuit (the underdog dominates)
Favorite fruit: grapes
Most memorable outdoor accomplishment: I’ll never forget my first trad lead when I was 12
Something nobody knows about you: Well, if I told you then I wouldn’t be the only one that knows.
Dog or cat person?: Both, but if I have to choose…
Most inspiring person in history: Ben Franklin
Most inspiring person in fiction: Spiderman
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