Name: Nick Martino
Height: 6ft
Weight: 160
Best Rock Band: Immortal Technique (Hip Hop)
Favorite pastime: Besides climbing? Well it isn’t sleeping or eating but those are pretty high on the list.
Married or single: the raddest girlfriend
Kids: not likely
Claim to fame: Motivated, thrifty, Linked El Cap and Halfdome in one day
Favorite motto: Safety third
Most embarrassing moment: Spraying in a Bio that was going on the internet.
Favorite curse word: I usually use them all in the same sentence and they flow as one.
Biggest turn-off: work, mustaches,
How long have you been climbing?: 6 years
Current job: unemployed dirtbag climber
Nominee for Coolest Song Ever: The 4th Branch, Immortal Technique
Number of US States visited: 24
Most famous person you’ve ever met: Renan Ozturk, no wait, Cedar Wright!
Place of birth: Kansas City
Best movie ever: Clerks
Favorite fruit: Asian Pears
Most memorable outdoor accomplishment: Coming close to the first one day ascent of Trango Tower. Micah Dash, Renan Ozturk and myself climbed 32 pitches to the summit ridge in 12 hrs. We climbed splitter cracks thru a massive storm at twenty thousand feet and rappelled into the freezing darkness. It felt pretty committing and was definitely memorable.
Something nobody knows about you: I live in a constant state of fear.
Dog or cat person?: Both as long as they belong to someone else.
Most inspiring person in history: Fred Beckey or Bob Marley
Most inspiring person in fiction: George W. Bush
Most recently-finished book: Kite Runner
Other Sponsors: Montrail

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