Name: Todd Goss
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 148
Best Rock Band: Dave Mathews
Favorite pastime: Bolting new routes
Married or single: Single
Kids: none
Claim to fame: Over 400 first ascents
Favorite motto: Life is change, growth is optional
Most embarrassing moment: Spilling Cherries Jubilee over a woman’s formal gown while waiting tables
Biggest turn-off: Being called DUDE
Favorite climbing area: Lime kiln Canyon Why?: so many new routes to do
How long have you been climbing?: 17 years
Favorite beer: Bohemia
Current job: Owner of Paragon Climbing Instruction
Nominee for Coolest Song Ever: Beethoven 9th Symphony
Number of US States visited: 47
Favorite climbing route or hike: Passion 5.12a Snow Canyon State Park
Most famous person you’ve ever met: Robert Redford
Place of birth: Oaklawn Illinois
Best movie ever: Million Dollar Baby
Favorite fruit: Grapefruit
Most memorable outdoor accomplishment: Kayaking to Mohegan Island in a gale in October
Something nobody knows about you: I’m not as mean as I look
Dog or cat person?: neither
Most inspiring person in history: Sir Ernest Shackleton
Most inspiring person in fiction: John Galt
Most recently-finished book: The Radical Leap
Other Sponsors: Bluewater

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