Name: Tracy Roach
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 125 lbs soaking wet
Best Rock Band: Steele Pulse
Favorite pastime: Climbing
Married or single: Single
Kids: The loves of my life, Alec and Austin
Claim to fame: My dog looks like a sheep.
Favorite motto: I’ll sleep when I’m dead
Most embarrassing moment: I went streaking at Shelf Road and fell on a cactus. Blame it on tequila.
Biggest turn-off: Pretentious, lazy people and people who mistreat children.
How long have you been climbing?: Almost 4 years
Favorite beer: Tequila
Current job: Construction Buyer/Purchasing Agent for Denver Public Schools
Number of US States visited: 38
Most famous person you’ve ever met: Santa Claus when I was 5
Place of birth: Astoria NY
Best movie ever: Dumb and Dumber
Who’s #1 on your speed-dial? My ex-husband but only because he has my sons half the time! I’m not stalking him!!!!
Favorite fruit: grapes
Most memorable outdoor accomplishment: Feeling the cold plastic seats pressed against my resting head on the bus in RMNP after a very close call on Powell Peak.
Dog or cat person?: Woof
Most inspiring person in history: Don Juan
Most inspiring person in fiction: Hobbits are pretty inspiring to me. It’s amazing the things they can do being so short.
Most recently-finished book: The Alchemist

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