Name: William Kelly
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 155
Best Rock Band: Bloc Party
Favorite pastime: besides climbing???? Drinking Beer!
Married or single: Married
Kids: 3
Favorite motto: Crush It!
Favorite climbing area: That’s a hard one, I would Have to say Tuolumne meadows Why?: Views are absolutely amazing!!!
How long have you been climbing?: since 1991
Favorite beer: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Current job: Gym Director of Sportrock 3 as well as Sportrock’s Director Outdoor Instruction and I am a Adjunct Instructor for George Mason University (climbing of course!)
Nominee for Coolest Song Ever: Everlong, Foo Fighters
Number of US States visited: 33
Most famous person you’ve ever met: Flying Spaghetti Monster (yes I too have been touched by his noodly appendage!)
Best movie ever: Dodge Ball
Favorite fruit: Apple jolly rancher
Something nobody knows about you: I am afraid of the dark!
Dog or cat person?: My wife a vet so we love them all!
Most inspiring person: My Dad
Most inspiring person in fiction: James Bond
Most recently-finished book: Cold Mountain
Other Sponsors: FiveTen, Bluewater, My Wife

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