Name: Ammon McNeely
Height: 5’ 11’’
Weight: 160-65
Best Rock Band: The Doors
Favorite pastime: Reading, Writing & Photography
Kids: Austin
Claim to fame: Modern First One Day Ascent Collector
Favorite motto: The monkeys ALWAYS send!!!
Most embarrassing moment: Eating breakfast at a diner and the waitress kept giving me this big smile, it was only later that I realized I was hanging out of my zipper.
Favorite curse word: The F-word…. Of course
Biggest turn-off: Self-absorbed people
Favorite climbing area: Yosemite Valley
Why?: Because that’s were El Cap is, duh?
How long have you been climbing?: 12 years of technical climbing but have been scrambling up formations my entire life
Favorite beer: Fat Tire (but will drink just about any beer)
Current job: Sports Arena Rigger
Nominee for Coolest Song Ever: The Decline - NOFX
Number of US States visited: 40+
Favorite climbing route or hike: Pressure Cooker – El Capitan FA: Eric Kohl
Most famous person you’ve ever met: Timmy O’Neill (just kidding)
Place of birth: Provo, Utah
Best movie ever: K2
Favorite fruit: Orange
Most memorable outdoor accomplishment: My first El Cap route & The Miwok 100k (62 miles) in 14 hours 20 minutes
Something nobody knows about you: I was raised in the Mormon religion (I hear I have to kill someone to be officially ex-communicated)
Dog or cat person?: Dog
Most inspiring person in history: John Muir
Most inspiring person in fiction: Robinson Crusoe
Most recently-finished book: Zion guide book


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Yates, 5.10
Shoes: 5.10
Ropes: Bluewater
Clothing: Patagonia

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