Name: Brian Gallant
Height: 6’
Weight: 170
Best Rock Band: Korn
Favorite pastime: Climbing
Married or single: Married
Kids: 1 (Sierra)
Claim to fame: Persistence
Favorite motto: Fear causes hesitation and hesitation causes your worst fears to come true!
Favorite curse word: Are you f------ kidding me!
Biggest turn-off: People with bad BO…….wear some deodorant for crying out loud!
Favorite climbing area: Rifle, CO Why?: Best Climbing in Northern America!
How long have you been climbing?: 5 years
Favorite beer: Fat Tire
Current job: 911
Favorite climbing route or hike: The Beast 5.13 Rifle, CO (only because I know it so well because it WAS my longest project ever, finally done!)
Most famous person you’ve ever met: Jennifer McCarthy
Place of birth: Loconia, New Hampshire
Best movie ever: The Edge
Something nobody knows about you: I like peanut butter and bacon on toast, its good, try it!
Dog or cat person?: DOG FOR SURE, Cats are evil creatures!
Most inspiring person in history: Joe Simpson
Most inspiring person in fiction: John Wayne
Most recently-finished book: Some how to become a better climber book
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