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  1/2" Large "D" Steel

This is one of Omega's finest heat-treated alloy-steel designs. Super strength-to-weight ratio make this 'biner a must for every rescue kit. Plated, internal threads and an easy-opening gate lock. All 'biners are proof tested to 1/2 the rated break strength.

Exceeds NFPA 1983, '01 Edition/ANSI/OSHA strength requirements
Meets NFPA 1983, '01 Edition construction Standards.
UL Classified.
Available in Screw-Lok only. Available in Gold or Black.


Part # Style Color Weight (gm) Opening (mm) Major Axis Strength (kN) Open Strength (kN) Minor Axis Strength (kN) Length (mm) Width (mm) Price Add to
OP12S55LNFPA 1/2" Steel Large Screw-Lok "D" NFPA Black/Black 288 27 72 22 12 124.5 71.4 $18.60
OP12S58LNFPA 1/2" Steel Large Screw-Lok "D" NFPA Gold/Gold 288 27 72 22 12 124.5 71.4 $17.50

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