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  Quick Draw Sets

Don't waste time assembling gear! Go climb instead! We mate someof our most popular 'biners with a 16mm CE certified draw. Omegalite 4.0, Classics, and JC's, we have the draw set you want.

Omega draws are made from super-strong 19mm wide nylon webbing with six computerized bar tacks to ensure dependable strength (all are rated at 22kN).

CE certified


Part # Style Price Add to
OPOLQDSB Omegalite 4.0 straight/bent $15.25
OPOLQDSW Omegalite 4.0 straight/wire $13.90
OPOLQDWW Omegalite 4.0 wire/wire $13.25
OPCLQDSB Classic straight/bent $12.95
OPCLJCQDSW JC wire/Classic bent $12.50

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