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  HMS Jake Series

The Jake is the best belay & harness carabiner on Earth. It's enormous 25mm gate opening and side-swing gate make working with it incredibly simple and easy. By utilizing our exclusive ISO Cold Forging process, the Jake yields an unbelievable 23kN strength rating yet tips the scales at a paltry 99gm!.

New this year is our 3-Stage Quick-Lok which features our Quick-Lok gate closure system with an additional locking mechanism which completely secures the 'biner against accidental opening. One additional movement is required to activate the rotating gate, virtually guaranteeing security.

Omega Jake 'biners feature tapered noses for increased strength and spin rivets for smoother snag-free gate surfaces. All 'biners are proof loaded to 1/2 the rated break strength.

This is the harness 'biner that sets the standard. Why settle for anything less?

CE certified. Available in Screw-Lok, Quick-Lock and 3-Stage Quick-Lok.


Part # Style Color Weight (gm) Opening (mm) Major Axis Strength (kN) Open Strength (kN) Minor Axis Strength (kN) Length (mm) Width (mm) Price Add to
OPHMS3Q 12 mm Alum. 3-Action Quik-Lok Pewter /Green 108 22 23 8 10 116.1 80.5 $17.20
OPHMSL 12 mm Aluminum Screw-Lok Pewter /Green 99 25 23 8 10 116.1 80.5 $11.85
OPHMSQ 12 mm Aluminum Quik-Lok Jake Pewter /Green 105 24 23 8 10 116.1 80.5 $15.89

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