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Omega Pacific has gone to great lengths to develop a comprehensive and thorough quality control program from the receipt of raw materials to the shipping of final product.

To this end, we have developed and refined over the years a stringent set of Omega Pacific "Quality Control Procedures" (QCPs) that reflect current material and manufacturing specifications utilized by military and commercial aircraft manufacturers. They also incorporate applicable ASTM and ANSI specifications. These QCPs and standard industrial specifications were the format for our formalized Quality Control manual.

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These QCPs not only govern all steps of internal manufacturing but are an integral part of our purchase order system establishing quality requirements for all our vendors. In addition, the only duties and responsibilities of quality control department personnel are to enforce strict adherence to our QCPs.


All incoming raw material and outside manufactured parts are inspected upon receipt for conformance to purchase order specifications and adherence to QCPs.

All manufactured parts are inspected at set up and during each shift to ensure they conform to established drawings and specifications.

Process documentation is ongoing and becomes a part of production lot records.


Raw materials, outside manufactured components and heat treatments are sampled and destruct tested prior to being released to manufacturing.

Final product destruct testing is accomplished on all lots of carabiners. All load bearing products are submitted each quarter to an independent commercial aircraft certified laboratory for testing to substantiate our QCPs and internal test results.

In order to ensure accurate data, our quality control lab only utilizes state of the art testing equipment.


We have created, update and maintain a comprehensive documentation system including Production Lot Number Records which document the traceability, certification and quality control checks of each production lot and the components thereof.

We archive for future reference our quality control records and physical testing samples from each production lot.

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