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About Our Steel Manufacturing Process
Our steel carabiner manufacturing process starts with a dimensional inspection and hardness testing of incoming aircraft quality 4000 series alloy rod stock to ensure conformity to our purchase specifications and proper aircraft strength specification.

The rod stock is precision sheared to a predetermined length and bent to the individual carabiner frame configuration in one of our own custom designed and manufactured benders.

The formed carabiner frame is precision milled to its final configuration. The milled frame is heat treated per military, ANSI and aircraft

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specifications.  Upon completion of heat treating, frames and test coupons are destruct tested to ensure proper heat treatment.  Deburring follows in our own vibratory units.

The carabiner frame and gate are zinc plated and then chromate coated with a gold Type II coating per ASTM B633 specification.  The corrosion resistance requirement for this gold Type II chromate coating is seven times higher than the clear Type I chromate coating found on other steel

Assembly (with stainless steel springs, rivets and pushers), spin riveting, proof testing and inspection complete the manufacturing process.

As a point of interest, all steel carabiners are designed to open under body weight and proof tested to a minimum of 50% of rated strength (standard requires 30%).  The small indentations on the inside radii of every Omega Pacific carabiner is evidence of this testing.

Additionally, our special spin riveting operation allows us to "contour" the rivet head to the curvature of the gate minimizing the sharp "bottom rivet lip" on which webbing or a rope can snag.

We hand inspect each carabiner at a minimum of 5 manufacturing steps to ensure proper dimensional conformity, functionality and smooth gate action.

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