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Ice and Snow Gear

As we continue to grow, we are constantly working to give you the best products at the most reasonable prices. Our engineers are always evaluating the existing line for performance, durability and safety. The Omega field testing team spend many countless hours testing the "next generation" of ice products. Just watch us grow!

Our new equipment perfectly compliments our superb line of carabiners by providing unqualified quality, innovative designs and outstanding performance.

Our commitment is to produce exceptional climbing gear and provide unparalleled value in each and every piece.

Check out the newly designed Mountain Axe, Evolution Mountain Axe, newly designed Wilson Snow Pickets, and the new Alpha Ice Tools! You will be impressed. We design and produce tools for our friends.

CR-MO Ice Screw

Venom Ice Tool

Ice Screw Knob Retro Kit

Bulldog Ice Tool

Wilson Pickets Snow Pro

Alpha Ice Tool Titanium

Mountain Lite Axe-Titanium

Alpha Ice Tool Steel

Mountain Axe

Evolution Mountain Axe

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