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LPR Construction, Co.
HKP Seattle
HKP Seattle and Denver based LPR Construction, Co. are excellent examples of sites which cater to both potential clients as well as current clientele.

As the number of Internet surfers increase, the importance of corporate image on the net is magnified. A potential clients entire impression of a company may be attributed to what they have seen online!

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We don't sell web sites.  We sell a service. This service is inclusive, incorporating everything your site will need, now and in the future.

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We design, maintain, host, and market your site, all for one annual fee.

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There are no setup fees, and no monthly hosting fees.

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When we produce your site, we consider the initial design just part of the needed maintenance contract, without excessive setup fees.

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There is a false perception that web sites fail because the web simply does not work for a particular business.

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