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Unique Product Featuers

Omega Pacific products boast the following unique features:

  • Hooded Carabiner Gates prevent shredded ropes on the underside of the gate
  • ISO Cold Forging offers hot-forged carabiner design advantages at cold-forged prices
  • Spin Riveting means we eliminate sharp edges on all 'biner rivets, minimizing snags and hang-ups. Plus, there's less chance of accidental gate opening from contact with rock.
  • Half-strength Proof Loading is premier quality control. We test every 'biner to half its rated strength
  • U-Channel Frame technology (see the new JC 'biner) offers exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, low overall 'biner mass and excellent rope radii.
  • Side-Swing Gates (see the all-time best selling Jake line of carabiners) provide humongous gate openings.
  • Tapered Locking Sleeves on our locking carabiners offer smoother action, fewer snags and reduced likelihood that ropes may unlock gates.
  • Tapered Noses on our carabiners provide unsurpassed smoothness and increased strength. Check for yourself . . . look closely at the gates on our aluminum 'biners and you'll see that the nose is thicker in the front than it is in the back, where the gate meets the closure. Tapered noses permit the gate to close without hang-ups while providing increased strength by putting more metal at the weakest part of the frame.
  • Gold Type II Chromate Coating on all our steel 'biners offers seven times more corrosion resistance than other steel coatings.
  • Fully adjustable picks define the Icemetric technical ice tool; changing the angle of the pick permits the same tool to be used with equal effectiveness on varying types and angle of ice





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