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Cleaning and Storage: (1) Clean with mild soapy water, and disinfect. (2) Completely dry and lubricate. (3) Store in clean, dry area.

Lifespan:  When properly used and maintained, carabiners can be effective and useful for several decades. If repeatedly subjected to adverse conditions, misuse or neglectful maintenance, however, a carabiner, like any piece of equipment, may require replacement in a very short period of time. Therefore, it is not practical to make a specific statement about the life span of an Omega Pacific carabiner. Instead, users should regularly inspect their gear for damage and retire and replace any equipment that no longer functions properly or displays damage which may prevent proper functioning. WHEN IN DOUBT, REPLACE IT.

Maintenance: Prior to every use, it is the responsibility of user to ensure carabiner is functioning properly. (1) Check entire carabiner for scratches, gouges or burrs.  (2) Check to ensure gate self-closes from any open position. Ensure smooth fluid action of gate. Check the locking mechanism for proper operation. (3) Check to ensure all the rivets are tight and not damaged or bent. (4) Lubricate all moving parts.

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