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Usage & Care Instructions

Instructions for Use: (1) This product may be used in conjunction with any appropriate item of personal protective equipment relevant to European Union Regulation 2016/425, and conforms to EN 12275 Mountaineering Equipment connectors. (2) Never allow carabiners to come into contact with an abrasive element, such as excessive rubbing on rocks, sand, etc. (3) Although the strength of Omega Pacific carabiners are not affected by weather, use care when employing them in wet or icy conditions. If carabiners are exposed to wet conditions, dry them thoroughly before storage, especially if they've been used near saltwater. This practice will help prevent premature corrosion. If used in icy conditions, ensure that ice and/or snow do not interfere with the correct operation of the carabiners. Occasionally, debris from ice and snow may accumulate in the nose, gate or hinge points of carabiners. Ensure this accumulation is removed for safe operation of the carabiners. 

Inspection Criteria: User safety is directly related to the integrity of your equipment. Prior to every use, it is the responsibility of the user to (1) inspect the carabiner to ensure no damage, deformation, corrosion, cracks, gouges, burrs, or other abnormalities exist to any component of the carabiner; (2) check to ensure gate self-closes from any open position, and can be opened from a closed position when under load; (3) ensure smooth fluid action of gate and locking mechanism, if equipped. All inspection results should be recorded in a personal inspection log to include a description of the model, manufacturer, lot code, purchase date, date of service entry, periodic inspection dates, problems, comments and name of the inspector.

Chemical and Temperature Considerations: (1) Avoid excessive heat (>100° C). (2) Avoid contact with electrolytes, acids, alkalis, seawater, or damp cement. 

Maintenance and Storage: (1) Clean with mild soapy water, dry and lubricate all moving parts. (2) Store in a clean, dry area.

Lifespan: When properly used and maintained, carabiners can be effective and useful for many years. If repeatedly subjected to adverse conditions, misuse or neglectful maintenance, however, a carabiner, like any piece of equipment, may require replacement in a very short period of time. Therefore, it is not practical to make a specific statement about the life span of an Omega Pacific carabiner. Instead, users
should regularly inspect their gear for damage. Retire and replace any equipment that no longer functions properly or displays damage which may prevent proper functioning. WHEN IN DOUBT, REPLACE IT.

For details on specific Omega Pacific products, including proper use, maintenance and care, or to view the EU Declaration of Conformity, scan the QR code below, or search for supplemental information.

CE Examination was conducted by: Notified body in charge of PPE manufacturing control: APAVE SUDEUROPE SAS (0082) CS60193 - 13322 MARSEILLE CEDEX 16 – France

This product may be used in conjunction with any appropriate item of personal protective equipment (PPE) relevant to EU Regulation 2016/425. Conforms with EN 12275 Mountaineering Equipment-Connectors.

Markings:   Explanations:
Omega Pacific Name of manufacturer 

Rated strength (minimum)

Major Axis, gate closed
Major Axis, gate open
Minor Axis, gate closed
Instructional reference advisor provided by manufacturer to the user
EN  12257  Directive for control and testing
CE 0082     CE Mark, Notified Body number, European Approved, Regulation 2016/425
AA-ZZ Manufacturer Lot Code

WARNING: Omega Pacific climbing products are designed and tested specifically for climbing, mountaineering and technical rope work. All of these activities are inherently dangerous and present the risk of SERIOUS INJURY AND/OR DEATH. Product information contained in catalogs and brochures is not a substitute for qualified personal instruction. Any person using Omega Pacific products is responsible for obtaining qualified instruction on the proper use, techniques and limitations involved in such use. Inspect all equipment before each use and destroy any gear that is damaged, worn or does not pass inspection. Any person using Omega Pacific products is responsible for the proper care and maintenance of these products. 

1. Always use product with applied load in the Major Axis (see warning pictorial 1)
2. Ensure gate is not open prior to applying load (see warning pictorial 2).
3. Never load product in the Minor Axis configuration (see warning pictorial 3).

Any person using Omega Pacific products in any manner assumes all risks and accepts full responsibility for any damage or injury, including death, which may result from the use of any Omega Pacific product. Any litigation involving this product will be in Washington State pursuant to Washington law. The distributor-wholesaler-retailer is responsible for providing this warning information to the
This warning must accompany all shipments/sales of Omega Pacific products.

Warranty: Omega Pacific products are warranted to the original retail purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year and will be replaced without charge if, upon inspection by Omega Pacific, no misuse or alteration is disclosed. Omega Pacific makes no other warranty, expressed or implied.

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