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Mountaineering and technical rope work is potentially hazardous. Any person using Omega Pacific equipment is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques involved, assumes all risk and accepts full and complete responsibility for any and all damages or injury of any kind, including death, which may result from the use of any Omega Pacific equipment.

Omega Pacific products are warranted to the original retail purchase to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year and will be replaced without charge. If upon inspection by Omega Pacific, no misuse or alteration is disclosed. Omega Pacific makes no other warranty, express or implied. Omega Pacific expressly excludes, and shall not be responsible for, any consequential or incidental damage arising out of ones use of Omega Pacific products. Omega Pacific shall not be responsible for any damage related to any use that these products were not designed and tested for.

Comments questions or infomration requests should be directed to:
[email protected]

In memoriam to James Carnwarth, Omega founder


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